Important Skin Brushing Tips

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If you are new to dry skin brushing, you may not be sure what to do to make it work for your skin or in your routine. In fact, you may become discouraged if you aren’t sure what types of brushes to use or how to use them properly. Before you become too discouraged, there are a few tips and tricks you can consider and apply to your dry skin brushing routine. Here are just a few to get you started and possibly answer some of your questions.

Types of Brushes to Use

The key point to keep in mind is that you need to stay away from synthetic brushes. The ideal dry skin brush is made of natural bristles that are soft. When you think of the softness and quality of the brush, think of something like a makeup brush and how it feels if it is too coarse. It can hurt and it can feel like it is actually cutting into your skin. A high quality brush made of natural bristles will not have this same effect and is gentle enough to use daily if you need to. There are brushes specifically for dry skin brushing, but if you are on a budget or have no health food store near you that sells the brushes, consider a natural brush suitable for sensitive scalps for children. This would be soft enough to get you started. Always ensure that you regularly clean your brush in warm water and gentle liquid soap to maintain hygiene. Rinse out and leave to dry our completely with bristle pad surface facing downwards to ensure the water drains out the bristles dry properly. Never share your brush with anyone else!

Best Place For Dry Skin Brushing

When you start your dry skin brushing, make sure you are doing it in the shower or bath. You don’t want to do it in the bathroom, bedroom, or other part of the home. You also don’t want to do it just before sun tanning in a tanning bed or right after a workout. Your skin should be dry and have no lotions or sweat. You want the dry skin to go down the drain and not be on your clothing, your household items, or anywhere in the room for hygienic reasons.

Creating a Dry Skin Brushing Routine

You need to create a dry skin brushing routine that you can stick to and which will provide you benefits. Ideally, you should aim to do dry skin brushing daily if possible. You may vary the frequency based on your skin’s level of sensitivity but as your body gets accustomed to the process, it will become less sensitive. If your skin feels sensitive at first then reduce the number of times you skin brush and gradually build up to daily skin brushing.

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